Energy Savings

LOGO_Maxeff_Large or small, (even single phase), manufacturers or users, integrating Maxeff motors technology in units will help you beat the competition in manufacturing cost and motorized unit performances!

With power factor and inrush current problems solved, you save the cost of additional electronic devices and their maintenance budget. Translates to real $$$ savings on your operating costs.


 Optimum Efficiency At All Loads 

  • Smaller wiring. *Smaller breaker. 
  • Smaller motor Starters. 
  • Electronic soft start built in
  • Smaller electrical panels. 
  • Much lower demands (KVA). 
  • Starting inrush current = 1.5 x IN. 
  • No grid loses. *No KVAR loses. 
  • Don’t need power factor correction. 
  • Will correct your plant PF. 
  • Will start on smaller sized generator. 
  • Turn it off when it is unloaded. 
  • It can start as many times as needed