*How does it work? 

  • We have integrated a generator winding inside the motor to transform magnetic losses into usable energy.

*How often can I start my motor? 

  • Stop it when you don’t need it and restart it as much as you need!

*How is the torque affected in my motor? 

  • Same torque characteristics.

*Is it as reliable as a standard motor? 

  • Same reliability, same life span, less maintenance, less heat, less vibration, less noise.

*Is it easy to switch to Maxeff? 

  • Yes, our motors comply with market standards and they are built according to your needs and can fit your existing installations.

*What is power factor (PF)? 

  • The effectiveness of the use of the grid power. Standard motors waste about 20% of it; MAXEFF wastes 0%.

*Are there electronics in Maxeff?

  • NO!

*Is there any other motor like MAXEFF? 

  • MAXEFF motors are often compared to  premium efficiency motors combined with electronic devices. Maxeff does not use any electronic devices to achieve these same results, thus you don’t need to buy these devices nor maintain them.



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