AltaMaxx services the premium distributor of products that help to move, control and protect the critical flow of materials in mission sensitive applications and industries.

We represent only those manufacturers who are committed to researching and developing innovative engineered products and technologies around the end user to improve efficiency, reliability helping the environment.


Our focus is on the people we serve. By understanding your specific needs, we become advocates for your needs. By providing responsive customer support, you can expect supreme service.


We embrace direct business relationships. Our ability to create value for the industry partners we serve is a constant focus for us., applying new market technologies from around the world to give customers that competitive advantage.

Rotating Equipment represents a multi-billion dollar industry that affects everyones lives. Servicing this market is our highest priority.

Our manufacturers are invested in research and development; the direct benefits of which are recouped daily through improved efficiency and less downtime. Innovative products and engineering make their presence felt directly in your corporate bottom line